Hort/ALEC 4040 - Spring 2019

Greenhouse Management Skills For Teachers

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Instructor: Dr. Paul A. Thomas, Dr. Jason Peake and Dr. Ashley Yopp

Athens Site Greenhouse Manager: Ms Pam Lewis

Welcome to Hort 4040 - Greenhouse Management and Floral Skills For Teachers is taught through the Department of Horticulture at The University of Georgia at the Athens anTifton Campuses. For the Tifton class location and details, please see Dr. Yopp.

The objective of this class training is to prepare you for independent management of high school, middle school and other institutional classroom-based greeenhouses. You will learn how to grow plants, How to manage the greenhouse equipment. How to manage work flow and task scheduling. You will learn how to schedule, grow and sell plants using an FFA plant sale format. You will learn how to construct greenhouse irrigation, how to calculate fertilizer and plant growth regulator concentrations.

The 2019 Plant Sale dates are April 5, 6,7, and April 12, 13, 14, at the Riverbend Complex. Please determine your calendar events on those days so you can schedule work hours during those days. The sale is put on as a joint project by this class, and the UGA Hort Club. Proceeds that are generated by this class from sale of the class grown plants go back into the purchases, equipment repairs and purchases, and expenses of setting up next years Hort 4040 class.

Class lecture meets:
Monday, Wednesday 10:10 am - 11:00 am - South Milledge Greenhouses
or at the Riverbend Greenhouse Complex as necessary or as assigned. See Lecture Schedules
Lab Period: Fridays 10:10am - 12:00 pm - Riverbend GH or South Milledge
Weekend Watering: Each student will check the greenhouse and water on a weekend day, as per a rotational system. This will come to no more than two weekend days per month, for two hours/day.
As teachers you will be taking care of greenhouses on your own and will need to handle weekend work. This is independent learning experience. 4 hours/month is not excessive given the value of the crops.
Quizzes are scheduled as needed but will be announced on Mondays and given on Wednesdays, see lecture schedule.
Class greenhouse activities include some work outside of the classroom schedule...this includes working the annual plant sale for 4 hours each weekend, for two weekends. Students.will have an opportuinity to schedule their work days and times but must work 8 hours over the two weekend sale.
Parking at Riverbend is by permit only. Do not park next to the greenhouses. You will be ticketed. I will get parking passes for the lot in front of the head house for the semester for you. UGA Bus transporation is available to the Riverbend Complex - Rivers Crossing Line.
Mondays and Wednesdays you can park your car at the South Milledge Greenhouse Facility....there are no parking restrictions. The Rivers Crossing line also stops at S. Milledge
It is class policy to wear close-toed shoes in the greenhouse for safety reasons. No flip flops. Your feet will come into contact with fertilizers. You can bring and store greenhouse shoes in GH 13.
Like Dairy Farming, you will get dirty/wet in this class. Consider that you will be using greenhouse soil and watering. Bring an apron/boots if you plan to wear valuable clothing. You will not be required to spray pesticides in this class, but may be asked to apply plant growth regulators. Gloves will be provided.
Lab attendance, weekend watering, and working the plant sale are requirements of this class. You will be given the opportunity to select weekend and sale participation work hours, but Friday lab attendance is manditory.
If you feel your class schedule does not allow you to attend the full class lab period, please consider taking other courses.
This class is a hands-on format and being in the greenhouse is essential to learning greenhouse management, and given the team approach to task managemnt we take,
it would be unfair to fellow students if work periods are missed on a regular basis.


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